5 Reasons Why Dating Is Annoying 


I’ve been in the dating pool for so long I kind of consider myself a professional. There are various reasons that people, including myself, avoid relationships such as; commitment issues, unresolved feelings, lack of viable options, so on and so fourth. I’ve decided to discuss my opinions, thoughts and feelings based on my experiences, and those of my single friends, on why dating is so annoying.1. The chase 

Not just for men but for women as well! The one that you really like isn’t showing you consistency but the one who is crazy about you is trying to get your attention everyday, but to you, they are annoying. Is it really that all the people you like don’t like you? Every single time? Or is it in our nature, as humans, to desire the things we can’t have? The “challenge”, we don’t like to admit it, but its appealing. Especially to those who are used to the attention. How many times have you heard “The best way to get their attention is by not giving them any.” 

Tip: unless there’s a reason, give that person who is crazy about u a chance. One date. One conversation. One chance to impress you before you write them off! 

2. The game 

You can’t show too much interest too soon because the person who has the most interest loses ???. Leaves you feeling like you have to pretend you don’t like the people that you do. So you don’t call/text when they’re on your mind. You are fake unavailable. You hide your adoration ????, it’s exhausting. You’re terrified to be thirsty so you forgot how to show interest.  

Tip: Match and reciprocate the energy you are given.

3. The pressure

We are all late 20’s- early 30’s so we have people telling us “you’re too old to be dating just to date, you should be dating with the intent for a long term relationship/marriage.” Ay, disregard everyone implementing their own timeline to your life! Going into dating someone with that mind frame applies pressure on yourself, and unbeknownst to u, pressure on the person you’re dating.  

Tip: Relax … It’s not a race to the alter. You got your whole life to be married. 

4. Commitment

The overall fear of commitment that we have as a generation makes dating hard because we often find ourselves in situationships. No titles. People in love but not together. IG memes are telling us that she should be loyal even without the title because the title isn’t as important as the bond … 

Tip: A failure to define a relationship is indecision about a relationship. 

5. Clarity 

By this age we all have some kind of baggage. Heartbreak that hasn’t healed, being secretly in love with someone else, kids, trust issues, even divorces! So we are all dating for different reasons and intentions. Some people are ready for a relationship and only looking to date people who are also moving in that direction. Some people just want a temporary distraction because they’re waiting on someone else to get their act right and love them back. Others just want consistent sex, some just want to cuff through the season. There are a number of reasons and this is why dating is annoying. Because, in most cases, the person you’re dating isn’t going to be honest and tell you … So you are left to try and figure it out. Shout out to the few people who offer that clarity up front so people don’t have to play blues clues trying to figure it out.  

Tip: be honest about what your intentions are! Offer the honesty that you expect in return. 

Another thing everyone in the dating game needs to be conscious of is how they present theirself. This is the age of social media, it means that I can research your life before the first date or even our first conversation. What does your social media say about you!? It matters. We’ve seen the meme that says “just cause you follow me doesn’t mean you know me” but perception is reality! Yes, I know, you want someone to take the time to get to know you outside of social media, but its competitive in this dating world. Too many options, a lot of people are not giving you that chance. So think about these things: 

If you bash women/men constantly what person of substance wants to deal with that ?? You address women as bitches and hoes and you’re constantly declaring men ain’t shit and they’re all the same … You appear as though you dont respect the opposite sex and a smart person would avoid dating you because you’re jaded and you’re bitter … At least your social networks say you are. 

If you constantly post your business and your problems online how do they know they won’t be on the other side of that one day ?? Grow up. Find a friend, Call a friend. 

If you’re oversexualized online am I not supposed to think you’re a King Thot? I can find your cock print online bro ?.  

You got heart eyes under every dudes pic ?? Every girl is your wcw?? You post pics with drugs, guns, and money ?? You over there “doing it for the likes” ?? I could go on and on! 

Tip: Your profile is kind of like your resume. Scroll through your own profile. See what they see. Clean up your profile to appeal to the kind of person you want. Would the kind of person you want want to be with a person like you? Reanalyze, Rethink, and Refocus. 

But hey, I don’t got all the answers. Just my humble opinion and thoughts I felt like sharing with you beautiful people. Happy Dating! 

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