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YoYo – Radio Host

About YoYo

¬† ¬† My name is Yolanda but l go by YoYo. Here’s alil bio of myself. Im always going to remain my age cuz i say so (smile). I have a teen aged son that i parent alone and enjoy to the Max but don’t mention often out of protection. Im quite when u first meet me then i warm up and once i get started its like yo chill sis.. Its getting better lol. I love animals but only grew up with fishes and birds. I enjoy books from diff categories. I love astrology and looking up at the stars looking for Ursa Minor or Ursa Major and Hercules etc.
¬†Science i just love it i should’ve studied that growing up. I love my family and friends. Relationships can be complicating so I dont discuss. I love Music and practically every kind. I love food thats a way to bring me over (smile). Radio is a passion to me and I’m growing. The story on how i got here is a good lil story i can tell later. My life has been a book since birth i believe. My goal is to concur my weakness and live out my dreams to the max. To bring love compassion and knowledge to the world one person at a time. Tune in and take part of something I worked on and enjoy doing. You should get a notion about me.

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